How to Memorize 2 !

Thursday, March 01 2012

Bismillaahir- Rahmaanir-Raheem

Here are some summarized notes with screen shots from the lecture:  How to Memorize 2!   (click HERE to view the recording).
 Clicking on the images will show them at 100%.  You can “left click” on the image and “save as picture”  to use as charts etc… 

Teacher’s Introduction >>>

About the Class

In the previous Class we knew a lot of the tales of our rightly guided ancestors in Memorizing, and it was enough evidence against that ones who find it hard, and the ones who say that memorizing isn’t needed. and still we received a lot of questions on the topic.
So In this Class we will introduce you to the actual and practical methods of memorizing, how to build a schedule, how to organize it, how to gradually build your memorizing skill, how to reach a point where you can never forget what you have memorized, and how much you need to repeat the reading for both memorizing and revising.

All the best


Our teacher began by praising Allaah, asking His forgiveness and sending salawaat and salaam on the Rasuul, His house of kin, companions and reighteous followers until the Yawmid-Deen…

  • It was mentioned in the previous class that memorizing and knowing by heart is from the way of our rightly guided scholars and salaf from the companions until this time.
  • It was also mentioned many quotes from the scholars in that issue  –  one of them said:  “Al `Ilmu huwal-Hifdh” which means “knowledge is memorizing”  (knowing by heart what you have learned).
  • They are not myths or exaggerations, those stories of the scholars  (even scholars who have recently passed away)-  who have memorized large quantities of books,memoriz until it became their daily habit.
  • There are two types of people with regards to this skill of memorizing by heart: 
    1. Those who practiced to develop the skill.
    2.  Those who are gifted with this gift from Allaah Subhanaaahu wa Ta’Aalaa .
  • Developing this skill can be easy but you mustn’t look back –  once you look back you will find the Shaytaan there, he does not want you to seek this path.  Don’t look back literally nor with putting your hopes down or depending on your abilities.  It is all up to Allaah Ta’Aala.  Yes there are people with limited abilities but those could be developed –  just like a muscle.  A muscle grows when you work it out.   But this is if you try and work at it.  Ther eis nothing to be scared about nor should you worry about how much you are going to memorize because there is no limit –  it is a gift from Allaah.
  • They have recently discovered that the heart contains many memory cells and it is the one which thinks..  This was told by Allaah tA’Aalaa more than 1400 years ago.  The thinking and understanding are by the heart and only thing  the mind does is organizes (the info).  But the understanding is in the heart.  Teacher gave many aayaat from the Qur’aan that testify to this such as: 7/179…22/46…47/24…41/5…9/87…9/93…9/127… these Aayaat make it clear that the place of understanding is the heart and not the mind as many people think.  Only n recent studies they have discovered that the heart is the place of understanding and on top of that – the heart contains thousands if not millions of memory cells.
  • You as a human body have far more capabilities than you think.  You are able to memorize a great deal –  it is a gift that Allaah Subhaanahu wa ta’Aalaa has gifted us with.
  • The past scholars that have memorized a great deal of Hadeeth  were not immortal neither was it something that only they could do.  All of the narrators and scholars used to memorize  a great deal of Aahadeeth –  but the examples that were told to us or those who reached to such a high level of memorizing that they reached millions of Aahaadeeth. 
  • There is no need to have a fear  –  as long as you don’t know what you are capable of, why not do the means and reasons and see what Allaah brings by it.  Don’t depend on the means and reasons –  do them but don’t rely on them. Rely on ALlaah and do the means and reasons.  You might be in a limited ability in memorizing but Allaha is greater –  He is your Creator and the One who fashioned you  and He is the one who will help you overcome this- Trust in Him.

Means and Reasons to Memorize >>>

  1.  Before everything:  Al-Ikhlaas.  That you memorize this knowledge for the Sake of Allaah Ta’Aalaa so that it will be easier for you to act on what you know.
  2. At Tawakkul: means not leaving the means and reasons but at the same time, not relying on them.  Do the means and reasons then tawakkul in Allaah for the outcomes. 
  3. Stay away from sins – this knowledge is a light from Allaah and those sins put out the light in you –  they are a great barrier between you and the knowledge. 

The way to memorize>>> 

It is very simple, the main way is to REPEAT –  but the repeating has to be organized as well.  When you repeat something dont repeat it at once – Choose a certain number (not less than 70, because some of the scholars said that if the dars is repeated less than 70 times it is not enough),  (teacher advises to be 99 times 99 to be an odd number).

  •   You would take the text you want to memorize  and section it off into portions. You cannot memorize it all at once especially if you don’t speak Arabic,   so at first choose a small quantity.  Listen to it with an audio recording and read it – look at it, look at what you are memorizing –  this is very important.  
  • For organizing the times that you will repeat:  First of all, don’t do it all at once (whatever is memorized at once, goes at once),  so if for example you want to repeat something 99 times –  you would part it into three days  –  33 reps a day for 3 days.  you can choose 3 prayers ( for example: someone who has returned home from work can choose `Asr, Maghrib and` Ishaa) and after you have completed the first prayer and  the adhkaar, you read it 11 times –  from the book –  while listening to the audio – then you let it go. then after the next prayer you repeat this again (reading from the book and the audio)  and again after the third prayer.  You can do this with Qur’aan or anything you want to memorize.  The second day you do the same and the third day you do the same.  As you repeat, you will find yourself memorizing, whether you wanted to or not (and of course we want to).  It is even beter to not read it all from the book –   You could make the first 22 times from the book and the last 11 times try to do from heart.  *The more gaps you make between repeating the more you will pick it up.  The less gaps the less you will pick it up.  Making gaps between the reps is very very effective (meaning don’t read all 99 at once)  For maximum effectiveness distribute the reps:

 ***99 reps over 3 days:  33 reps a day divided into 11 reps after 3 salaat that you choose***

  • Take a partner, especially if you are not used to this already.  Take as many partners –  two,three or four. This is encouraging for you and good to have someone with you doing omething that may be hard or odd.  The best partner is your spouse if you are married and the kids for the mothers –  for the sake to keep you going.  If you are left alone you will not go anywhere.  Teacher does not say this to interfere with the will of Allaah Subhaanahu wa ta’Aalaa but because the human self (the nafs) is inclined to leave what is hard on her and what requires effort!  With a partner you will feel encouraged and you will try to do better and there will be a spirit of competion.   You should do this EVERY DAY, don’t miss a day without memorizing – but if you rest let it only be one day a week.  


  • Teacher thinks 99 times is the least –  he has made boxes with one hundred sqares each that students can use for keeping track.


  • For example if you are memorizing Qawaa’idul Arbaa –  cut out one box and put it inside the book on the page that you are memorizing.  After you repeat it once – strike though the box like below –  strike through for each repetition until you finish …  this box will encourage you to continue, you will be motivated to complete the entire box.





If you want to use it again for the next part/section you are memorizing ( the section should be to a complete sentence) then you can start striking like so:  and keep using it for each sesction you memorize so you dont waste paper


Otherwise if you are memorizing  say 3 verses, or 5, 7 or a page … you can just put a dot in each box:





How to Revise  >>>

  • The box below is what the teacher uses to repeat- revise –  it contains 950 boxes.  You can choose less – but the most important thing is that it is not less than 99.  Many of the students that the teacher has in his location started on 99.  And they were very encouraged the first days to the point that two of them did above 150.  Remember the less you repeat, the less your memorizing will be accurate. 
  • Teacher choose the numbers 99-950 because they are numbers that are in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.  The names of Allaah are 99 so teacher choose 99 and Nuh `Alayhis salaam stayes 950 years calling his people to tawheed (repeating the da`wah) so he choose 950 to be the limit. 
  • Revision should be daily –  especially for revising the Qur’aan.  It should be your daily routine.  The best way to do so is the sunan Salah –  which can reach up to 50 /day.  It is a very good thing if you pray the 12 rawaatib every day. 
  • So if you want to pray 12 sunan prayers then read a page in every rak`ah, and if you can’t read a page then read half a page. and you keep reading the Quran like this in your sunan until you finished what you have memorized and then go back again …you start from the beginning of where you have memorized until the end (reciting a page or half a page in each rak`ah) and when you reach the end you go back to beginning again. The more you memorize the more you read in your sunan.
  • As for other than the Qur’aan: it is very very important that after you’ve memorized something, you revise it.  For example, if you have memorized this part of Al-Qawaa`idul-arba` ( the first red box in the screen shot above).  After you have memorized it (completed your 99+ reps), try and read it once every day –  once a day for 2 months … if you can’t read it once a day then 3x/week. 


  • *The most important period in memorizing is revising* – It is even more important than memorizing itself!  You will find that the more you memorize the more you will be so good in what you memorize.


  • If you do not have alot of time to spare in the day then lessen the quantity you are memorizing but the imprtant thing is don’t move on to a new portion until you have memorizied the first.  It is better to start with a smaller amount of reps at first –  to get yourself used to it.  Go slowly with your nafs or you will not stay with it. –  in the first few weeks go with 3 lines or  3 aayaat and gradually increase after that go to 5 aayat …  important thing is don’t decrease –  always increase.


Q/A >>> 

Teacher gave along time for questions on the subject.  The answers are very beneficial, maashaa’Allaah.  If time permits we will update this post with them – in the meantime, readers are encouraged to listen to the recording of the lecture HERE.

الله تعالى أعلم


One thought on “How to Memorize 2 !

  1. Aboo Abdir Rahmaan Zaahir March 11, 2012 at 5:35 pm Reply

    As salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I wanted to share a thought I had concerning the memorization chart Akhunaa Al Ustaadh Fahad At Tahiri provided above in the Lecture. Alhamdulillaah it led me to do some searching on a IDEA I had. I found INDEX CARDS at STAPLES which are called GRAPH-RULED/QUADRILLE or GRID. You can also find them online from places like AMAZON. Staples sells the 3×5 and a size a bit bigger(I believe it is 4×6). The 3×5 is $1.99 for 100 (4×6 is$2.99 for 100) which you can cut in half or any other way you like to fit in your book or Mushaaf.

    May Allaah reward Al Ustaadh Fahad for his TIPS in Memorization in this LIFE and The Next (Sadaqa Jaariyah)! And may He make us firm in implementing these Advices!

    Aboo Abdir Rahmaan

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