The Book of Monotheism 15


Monday, April 09 2012

After praising Allaah and sending salaat and salaam on the Rasool, his family, companions, and those who follow them exactly to the Day of Judgement,  our teacher began with the lesson which covered the topic:

About the Class

In this Class we will resume explaining what is left of the Hadeeth of Husayn ibu abdirrahman, which contains achieving all three levels of Tawheed, and other Ahaadeeth which support it.
Then we will shed light on the issues derived by the author, linking each issue with its mentioned evidence

Teacher explained in detail the hadeeth and clarified some points that were mistranslated.  it is included in the Screen shot below:

If one avoids all things which contradict the three levels he will be from those 70,000+



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