Arabic – Morphology – Level One – Class 28

Thu, Apr 12, 2012


All the praise is to Allaah, we praise him and seek His Help and Forgiveness. May the peace and blessings and salawaat be upon His slave and messenger Muhammad, and upon his family and companions and all who follow them exactly until the Day of Judgment.

*  Additional Notes submitted by a top student – may Allaah bless with unending rewards >>>

From the 2nd type of verbs – when the laamul kalimah is a waaw.  (in these kinds of verbs the waaw isn’t turned into alif when attached to dhameer because it lost one of the conditions.) 

حشا  يحشو  حَشَوتُ الدَّجَاجَة حَشْون

To stuff

  • I stuffed the chicken.
  • حَشْون is the masdar.

SCREEN SHOTS: (Teacher explained the laam saakinah -when it is pronounced and when it is merged)


خطا –  يخطو  خَطَوْتُ خَطْوَةً

to walk

  • I walked a step. 

خَلاَ – يَخلُو                يَخلُو بِغَارِ حِرَاءٍ

 خَلَتِ الدِّيَارُ مِن أَمِينٍ

  خَلاَ الرَّجُلُ

to seclude / be alone/ empty – He secluded himself in the cave of hiraa-

The houses got free from/empty from a trustworthy person

The man became free from 

دَنَا – يَدنُو                 دَنَا المَوتُ

To get near (get closer) – The death neared

رَبَا- يَربُو

To increase / grow (its taken from الرّبَاء)

رَجَا – يَرجُو              رَجَوتُ اللهَ

To hope- i hoped from Allaah

رَشَا – يَرشُو


زَكَا – يَزكُو               زَكَا عَمرٌو

To become pious  – ‘Amrun became pious (became good)

سَمَا – يَسمُو              سَمَا الطَّائِرُ

To rise – The bird rose

طَفَا – يَطفُو              طَفَا الدُّهنُ عَلَى المَاءِ

To float – The oil floated over/on top of the water

صَفَا- يَصفُو              صَفَا الجَوُّ

To clear up – The weather cleared up

عَدَا – يَعدُو              عَدَا زَيدٌ عَدوًا

 عَدَا الظَّالِمُ عُدوَانًا

To run / oppress / transgress – Zaid ran a running 

The oppressor transgressed

عَفَا – يَعفُو              عَفَا اللهُ عَنكَ

To pardon – Allaah pardoned you

غَدَا – يَغدُو              تَعدُو خِمَاصًا

To leave in the beginning of day-

She leaves in the beginning of the day with an empty stomach

غَلاَ – يَغلُو              غَلَتِ النَّصَارَى فِي عِيسَى

To transgress / exceed the limit

The christians exceeded their boundaries with ‘Eesaa

فَشَا – يَفشُو              فَشَا الخَبَرُ

To spread – The news spreaded

قَسَا – يَقسُو              قَسَت قُلُوبُكم

To harden – Your hearts have hardened

قَفَا – يَقفُو                قَفَا زَيدٌ الأَثَرَ

To follow – Zaid followed the trace/ (the sunnah)

كَبَا – يَكبُو               كَبَا الفَرَسُ

To trip- The stallion tripped

كَسَا – يَكسُو             كَسَوتُ ابنِي ثَوبًا

To dress- I dressed my son a garment

(extra: sometimes a fi’l can have two maf’oolun bihi, like in this case- Here the maf’oolun bihi is ibn and thawban)

نَجَا – يَنجُو              نَجَا المُؤمِنُ

              To survive- The believer (mu-min) survived



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    assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu…

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