The Book Of Monotheism 26

Saturday, June 16, 2012


About the Class

Here comes the starting point of the utmost details regarding the different types of worship, and the rulings regarding singling out Allah with them, chapter after chapter. And to start with, this very chapter here – which is the sixth – contains also many sound and critical principles, which can be taken as bases to what is coming. Because they are the principles regarding means for the aspect of validity. Basically the good means (i.e. acts of worship, and rational tests) are what Allah allowed, otherwise it isn’t, as you shall see if Allah keeps us alive, by His leave.


Our Teacher praised Allaah and sent salawaat and salaam on the Rasuulullaah, his family, his companions, and their righteous followers to the Last Day.  He stressed the importance of writing down the knowledge and told us that this is another great chapter from Kitaab at Tawheed – if we clearly understand these principles from this chapter –   seven important principles – once we understand them we will understand most if not all, the issues of tawheed and we will not have a single doubt regarding them In shaa’ Allaah!  He gave us the first of these principles which is outlined in the screen shots below.



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