Arabic – Morphology – Level One – Class 38 (detailed notes)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


All the praise is to Allaah, we praise him and seek His Help and Forgiveness. May the peace and blessings and salawaat be upon His slave and messenger Muhammad, and upon his family and companions and all who follow them exactly until the Day of Judgment.

مَالَ – يَمِيلُ   مَالَ عَمرٌو إِلَى الحُرمَةِ

To incline

  • `Amr inclined to impermissibility

بَانَ – يَبِينُ   بَانَ الأَمرُ

To become clear

  • The matter/issue became clear

حَانَ – يَحِينُ   حَانَ الوَقتُ

To…(this is restricted to the arrival of time)

  •   The time has come

لاَنَ – يَلِينُ    لاَنَ قَلبَهُ

To soften

  • His heart softened

Examples of the third formation of chapter two: When laamul kalimah is originally a yaa with the condition that ‘Aynul kalimah isn’t one of hurooful Halq (throat letters).  The yaa of the maadhee is changed into an alif and the dhammah is dropped off the yaa in the mudhaari` because it is heavy.

أَتَى – يَأتِي    أَتَى أَمرُ اللهِ

To come

  • (16/1) The event ordained by Allaah will come.
      • here the madhee is used but it is indicating a future happening.  The maadhee form was used for the mudhaari` meaning as if it has already happened indicating that it will most definitely occur.   This is balaghah.  Allaah orders you to believe in the hereafter and this style of speech is for you to believe in these unseen matters jusst as if it has lready occured- as if it is something you have already witnessed.  There are many more examples of this in Quran.

بَكَى – يَبكِي    بَكَى مُحَمَّدٌ

To Weep

  • Muhammad wept

بَنَى – يَبنِي    بَنَى مُحَمَّدٌ بَيتَهُ

To build

  • Muhammad built his house.

جَرَى – يَجرِي    جَرَى المَاءُ

To run (as in running water)

  • The water ran

جَزَى – يَجزِي    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيرًا

To reward

  • May Allaah reward you with good.

حَكَى – يَحكِي    حَكَى خَالِدٌ قِصَّةً

To tell

  • Khaalid told a story

حَمَى – يَحمِي    حَمَى الرَّاعِي الغَنَمَ

To protect

  • The shepherd protected the goats.

حَمَى الرَّاعِي المَاشِيَةَ

  • The shepherd protected the cattle

رَقَى – يَرقِي     رَقَى مُحَمَّدٌ خَالِدًا

to do ruqyah (read Qur’aan for cause of cure)

  • Muhammad did ruqyah on  Khaalid

رَوَى – يَروِي     رَوَى البُخَارِيُّ حَدِيثًا

to narrate

  • Al Bukhaaree narated a hadeeth

زَنَى – يَزنِي     زَنَى مَاعِزٌ فَرُجِمَ

To commit adultary

  • Maa`iz (radhiyallaahu anhu) committed adultary so he was stoned.

شَفَى – يَشفِي     شَفَى اللهُ مُحَمَّدًا

to cure

  • Allaah cured Muhammad

شَوَى – يَشوِي     شَوَيتُ اللَّحمَ

to grill

  • I grilled the meat

عَصَى – يَعصِي     عَصَى فِرعَونُ مُوسَى

To disobey

  • Fir`awn disobeyed  Muusaa

مَشَى – يَمشِي     مَشَيتُ إِلَى المَدرَسَةِ

To walk

  • I walked to the school

مَشَيتُ إِلَى المَسجِدِ

  • I walked to the masjid

نَوَى – يَنوِي     نَوَيتُ الإِعتِكَافَ

To intend

  • I intended (to make) i`tikaaf

هَدَى – يَهدِي     هَدَاكَ اللهُ

To guide

  • May Allaah guide you


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