Diseases of the Heart 2


May Allaah reward the student who provided these summarized notes of the class…

Class 2 >>>

Continuing from the introduction and following what was mentioned in the previous class…

After saying that he would explain those doors from which the shaytaan enters, the author gave us another example:

And the example of the shaytan is the example of a hungry dog nearing you. So if there wasn’t any bread and meat in front of you, he will flee off just by you telling him off. If there was any food in front of you and he was hungry, he will not go away if you tell him off. Those bad qualities you have is the food for the devil.  And so is the heart which is free from the devil. He will go away just by the mentioning of Allah, with the condition those bad qualities are not present.

And as for the heart on which desire has overcome, he will only have the dhikr on its sides (not in the core) merely words spoken, empty shells. Thus the dhikr will not settle in the centre of its heart, so the devil will then be settled into the centre of the heart.

If you wanted the proof on that. Then ponder this in your prayer. How the devil whispers into your heart in these times, by remembering the souq, disposing of worldly affairs, dealings with the people. The shaytan that reminds you is called  khinzir. (as in the hadeeth)

And know that the inner speaking (thoughts, hadeethun nafs) to yourself is pardoned, as long as it doesn’t become spoken verbally (in general or in prayer) or acted upon. And it falls under that what you want to do. For example: someone saying to self, shall I go and listen to music now, smoke a cigarette now,within self but not a determination. This is not a sin. If determined to do it, but fear of Allah stopped you, this is also pardoned and also reward.

And if he is prevented from it, an obstacle we hoped that there will be forgiveness for him unless there is a determination because the ones determination to do bad is bad.

Hadith: if the two Muslims meet with swords, the killer and killed are in the fire. It was said: The killer, we understand. Why is the killed – the Prophet salalahu alaiyhi wa salam said he was determined to kill his brother. (this does not mean in the fire eternally).

And how is it that determination isn’t taken into account, and actions are not by intentions.  You might ask yourself, determination isn’t a saying or an action. He clarified: Isn’t arrogance and pride and showing off except inner things. (actions of the heart)

If a person would see a woman on his bed and he had a wife.  He thought she was his wife, so he came and he had relations with her eg no lights on etc. no sin recorded against him because the Prophet salalahu alaiyhi wa salam said actions are but by intentions.

If he saw what appears to be his wife, but he thought it wasn’t his wife. He still had relations with her, has fallen into the sin. All of this is connected to the heart.

Hadith, someone wished he had money to do wrong, that bad intention if there was a determination is a sin.


How to obtain good character>>>

Some of them on whom laziness took over, thus finding practice heavy on them (don’t want to strive to change their faults) they claim that it isn’t possible to change your character.  The author answers them, to make it clear:

Some of those people claim it isn’t possible to change your character just as it is impossible to change your character. The answer: if the character wasn’t changeable, there wouldn’t be a meaning to preaching to advising. How is it possible to deny that bad character can’t be trained, when the hunting dog can be trained not to eat what he hunts.

The stallion is taught to walk finely and to spending yielding. But the thing is, that some habits / characters are easily changed and some are stubborn. (So have to strive and put effort or you won’t changes).

As for imagining that the inborn characteristic is unchangeable, then know that what is meant is not to completely suppress those characteristics. Rather, what is only meant from practice (striving) is bringing the desire back to its moderate level between extreme and heedlessness. As for completely suppressing it, then no.

How is that, and the desire was only created for an inborn necessity (beneficial). And if the desire to eat was totally cut off, the human being would then perish. And the desire to mate would be totally cut off, then the offspring. And if there weren’t any anger at all, the person won’t push away from himself, forbid what is happening and pull back from it what destroys himself.

And Allah says: (what means) “… severe against disbelievers. “ – Surah Fath. Being severe is only due to anger. And if anger would perish, there would be no fighting against the disbelievers.

So beneficial, but bad to take to an extreme level or heedless level.

Allah praised those who suppress anger, not who lose anger. (3:134)


And know that this moderate level of any characteristic which could develop to be a bad quality, you are either born with it. How many people are born truthful, kind. And sometimes it is gained by developing it, by practice.

Ar-riyadha: practice. And it is driving the nafs to the deeds which bring about the needed or desired quality. So whoever wanted to gain the quality of “being generous”, then let him do a lot of things which the generous person does, take them as your example, until that becomes a habit to him. And whoever wants to be humble, let him do that until it becomes a habit to him.

Doing something often, has a much effect the good character in you.

Just as the person who wants to be a writer, he will start writing. Someone who wants to be a jurist, he will do as they do until his heart adjusts to the qualities of comprehending.

But, he should not expect the fruits of this to come in 2 days or, don’t be hasty. Rather, its effects come with consistency, develops.  Just as height is not expected in 2 days or 3, it happens after a bit of time. Have patience. Steadfast. Perserverance.

Don’t take the insignificant deeds lightly, do everything which will help you gain that good quality. Example: someone spending, it has to be 100 pounds no less. Don’t look down on just giving 1 pound. Just as you shouldn’t look down at the sins, which you find small in your eyes. They also pile up and develop.

Hadith: Warning against those sins we take lightly, for they pile up on the person until they destroy him

The good character could be obtained by being with ahlul khayr. The good people. Qultu, I say: the evidence to that, the hadith: A person is on the deen of his friend, so let every one of you see who he is befriending.

Gaining ‘ilm.

Nothing is hard until you see it heart. Think good of your Lord. And du’a and striving.

Excessive socialising can corrupt the heart. As a remedy, when you need it.



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