Sarf – Level 2 – Class 6

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله رب العالمين وصلى الله وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين, أما بعد

We took the conjugations of the verb with the dhameer –  the noun which expresses the doer. With the four letter verb we do the same as we have done with the three letter verbs. We conjugate the chapter:   أَفْعَلَ -يُفْعِلُ – اِفْعَالا

Students must practice this table – go to the conjugation table and do the same according to what you have learned.  It is the same with the maadhee and mudhaari` as in three letter verb conjugation however in the mudhaari` of the four letter verb the hurooful mudaara’ah get a dhammah (anything else  –  be it 3, 5 or 6 letter verb – gets a fathah). And the `ayn gets a kasrah.

 أَنَا … أَفْعَلْتُ-أُفْعِلُ

 نَحْنُ … أَفْعَلْنَا -نُفْعِلُ

أَنْتَ … أَفْعَلْتَ – تُفْعِلُ

أَنْتِ … أَفْعَلْتِ – تُفْعِلِينَ

أَنْتُمَا … أَفْعَلْتُمَا -تُفْعِلَانِ

أَنْتُمْ … أَفْعَلْتُمْ – تُفْعِلُونَ

 اَنْتُنَّ … أَفْعَلْتُنَّ – تُفْعِلْنَ

 هُوَ … أَفْعَلَ – يُفْعِلُ

 هِيَ … أَفْعَلَتْ – تُفْعِلُ

هُمَا… أَفْعَلَا – يُفْعِلَانِ

هُمَا…أَفْعَلَتَا – تُفْعِلَانِ

هُمْ…أَفْعَلُوا – يُفْعِلُونَ

هُنَّ…أَفْعَلْنَ – يُفْعِلْنَ


  • The `ayn of the 4 letter verb of this chapter is fixed on fathah in the maadhee and kasrah in the mudhaari`
  • The harf of the mudhaari` is fixed on Dhammah.

PRACTICE and EXAMPLES from Qur’aan and Sunnah >>>

In this class our teacher recited some Aayaat from the Qur’aan and asked the students to identify the different verbs that came on the scale of  أَفعَلَ – يُفعلُ – إفعَالاً  with the meaning of At-Ta`diyyah, as well as some three letter verbs:

 أَنزَلَ -He sent down

أَنزَلَهُ -He sent it down

يَشْهَدُون – They witness  ( a three letter verb not from this chapter)

أضحك -He made laugh (we first look at the root letters.  Here the dhaad the haa and the kaaf – dhahika/yadh haku –  from chapter 4 of the 3 letter verbs it means:  he laughed)

أَمَاتَ -He made die

أَحْيَا -He made live

أَحْلَكَ -He made perish/destroyed

أَبْقى -53:51  He made to remain  (from three letter verb بقي (baqiya meaning it remained) – “maa Abqaa” is negating

تَضْجَكُون -You all laugh (3 letter verb)

أَنزَلَنَا – We sent down

أَرْسَلَتْ – She said

سَمِعَتْ – She heard  ( to listen or  hear intentionally is istama`a)

تُسْمِعُ – You make hear (laa tusmi`u is negating:  “you do not make hear”)

تَقْتُلُون  – You (all-antum) Kill

تُخْرِجُونَ – You make them leave –  throw them out…

 يَفْعَلَ   – He did (chapter 3 of three letter verbs –  it is odd and the condition for it is the ayn or laam is one of the throat letters –  (here the ayan is an ayn – from the throat)

From An Nisaa 4/11-12

تَرَكَ – He left.   Ustaadh read a passage with many forms (conjugations)  of this verb and students gave the meanings:

  1. تَرَكَ  –  he left
  2. تَرَكَ   – he left
  3. وَرِثَهُ– he inherited –  him from chapter 5 –  it is what only comes odd
  4. كان  – he was
  5. تَرَكنَ  – they (all females) left
  6. يُوصِي– he has made –  yuusee / Awsaw –  it is 4 letter verb because we notice the yaa of the mudhaari has a dhammah – it is chapter If`al
  7. تَدْرُونَ  – you (all) know –  from daraa/yadree – laamul kalimah is a yaa –  it is from chapter 2
  8. تَرَكْتُم  – you (all males) left

From  Al Mulk:

    1. خَلَقَ  – he created
    2. أَحْسَنُ  – here it is a noun because it ends with a dhammah.  when you see a dhammah on the end of the scale “af`al”  then it is an ism …  not a f`il.
    3. أَعْتَدْنَا– on the scale of af`alnaa” – meaning “we have prepared”

~~~ End of Dars ~~~

الله تعالى أعلم والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Notes transcribed by: Umm Omar Al Amreekiyyah

There are no screen shots with this class …


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