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Bismillaah ~

*All Classes after Maghrib 6:10 +4GMT*

Friday: Principles, Merits and Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge —– through an Explanation of the famous poem by Abu Is’haQ Al Ilbeeriy (459H)

Saturday: Principles of Worship, and the meaning, conditions, and ruling regarding the testimony of truth —– through a series of Books, first to start with will be: The Four Fundamental Principles by Muhammad At’Tameemiyy (1206H)

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday: Principles of Arabic Starting with Sarf,—–through a brief introduction by Fahd At’Taahiriyy

Monday: Principles of Creed —- through a popular poem by the Son of Ibnu Dawood (Abdullah) (316H)

Wednesday: Basics of Purification, and Prayer —– through the Book “The Conditions of Prayer, its pillars, and obligations” by (Mohammad At’tameemiyy)

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Baarakallaahu feekum


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